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Video Post Wed, Feb. 15, 2012 1 note

Yani Gellman. That awkward realization when you realize that Yani Gellman played Paolo Valisari in The Lizzie McGuire Movie and he plays Officer Garrett Reynolds in Pretty Little Liars. Who would’ve guessed? I just happened to stumble upon that beautiful little fact. Did anyone else realize that? 

Whitney Houston. So sad, I just can’t even believe it. All of the world’s greatest keep getting taken from us. I just don’t understand. My heart goes out Whitney’s family and friends. Rest in peace. 

Video Post Sun, Feb. 12, 2012 3 notes

Rachel McAdams. Seriously the most beautiful women. I still have yet to see The Vow, but i’ve heard how amazing it was and I’m stoked to see it. I think it’s crazy how versatile she has been within her movie choices, I just wish that her and Ryan Gosling would get back together already. Seriously the hottest Hollywood couple, but I guess that’s also because I’m not a huge Brangelina fan. (Sorry to all of those who are) Thoughts on Rachel McAdams? 

Photo Post Sat, Jan. 21, 2012 1 note

Seriously? I would’ve never guessed these two were brothers. My mind is seriously fucking blown. Really? Please tell me how a family can have so many beautiful people in it. 

Seriously? I would’ve never guessed these two were brothers. My mind is seriously fucking blown. Really? Please tell me how a family can have so many beautiful people in it. 

Going Old School. Watching American Idol made me really love this song again. I wasn’t too happy with his song choice but I loved his voice when he sang In the still of the night. I seriously wish music still sounded like this today. If you just watch 1:47 for a few seconds you’ll hear of that old music sound. Love. He made a terrible mistake with his song choice! Thoughts?

Here’s the original version:

Video Post Wed, Jan. 11, 2012 8 notes

I’m obsessed. There were plenty of songs and videos that I just couldn’t get over, but this takes the cake. Not only is this from a classic movie but the song is just too adorable for words. Bromance at it’s best. I might’ve been a little more obsessed with Kevin Bacon back in the day if I had been anywhere near his age, but he was just too adorable then. Any thoughts on the the newer Footloose? Thoughts on the original? 

Video Post Thu, Jan. 05, 2012 19 notes

90s themed night. I love that I was born in the 90s. Sure I missed the period when some of the greatest movies were filmed but the 90s had some of the greatest TV shows. Eddie  might be a really cheesy movie but it was so cute and I absolutely adore Anaconda not only because it stars Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube but because Jon Voight is at his creepiest in this film. 

Video Post Thu, Dec. 08, 2011 7 notes

Elf.  Quite possibly my favorite Christmas movie. A Christmas Story had always been my favorite Christmas movie as a child but it got old after repeatedly watching it over the years. Will Ferrell is just too funny and too perfect in this movie. They couldn’t have chosen a better actor for this movie. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? 

Video Post Sun, Dec. 04, 2011 5 notes

The Goonies. I love coming home from work to find the goonies on. It just makes everything so much better. Why can’t movies be made like they were in the 80s? I’ve always been a huge Corey Feldman fan but I can’t help but love all of the characters in this movie. I don’t think any Children’s/family movie could compare to this one.

Video Post Thu, Dec. 01, 2011 4 notes

Benson and Stabler. I cannot believe that they’re being separated! I’m just in shock right now. This upsets me so much. I don’t think i’ll ever be able to watch this show with Stabler gone. This just isn’t right. I need to find a new favorite show….this is not okay. Don’t get me wrong, i love Benson and I love Munch, Cragen, Fin, Huang and Warner. But it just won’t be the same! It was bad enough that they were switching the ADA on us, but now taking away Stabler?? Worst news ever…

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